Ira Morris

Ira is an experienced leadership and team facilitator and coach. He co-creates and delivers organisational development and change solutions.

The company has been running since early 2017 and has delivered a number of assignments. These include improving the effectiveness of a sales-force team, helping a country-based leadership committee meet a target of achieving ‘greater alignment’, as well as enhancing the value-add of a national leadership team.

Clients value Ira for his ability to help people to ‘think and do differently’. He brings a systemic approach to business, organisation and people aspirations and opportunities. An integral part of how Ira adds value is his background in business psychology. This includes access to relevant diagnostics, models and frameworks.

Prior to becoming Managing Director of ‘Leading by Design’, Ira was Regional Head of Leadership and Organisation Development for Genzyme, a leading biotechnology company. At Genzyme, Ira partnered with business and functional leaders across EMEA and Asia Pacific. Prior to moving to the Netherlands, Ira worked as a ‘Managing Psychologist’ for a boutique practice of Business Psychologists in Oxford.